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Set timeShift API for THETA X

Thank you to community member @mikhail for working with the API for timeShift mode for THETA X. And helping clarify how to implement it! In real estate, the new 11K image resolution for the RICOH THETA X is highly desirable. Real estate agents who are non-professional photographers can easily take exceptional 360° images. Anyone can […]

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THETA X 8K Video for 25 Minutes

THETA X 8K video ran for 25 minute with no problems at 2fps. This appears to be the normal behavior of the camera. This video format is widely used in the construction industry for video frame extraction and conversion to still image job site virtual inspection tours. I didn’t need a fan or any special […]

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RICOH THETA 8K Video at 10fps, 5fps, 2fps

RICOH recently updated their API documentation for fileFormat. In addition to 8K 10fps, we also now have access to 8K 5fps and 8K 2fps. This is intended for video frame extraction. Example of 8K 10fps Testing Settings Without the API If you want to quickly test the API without building your own script, you […]

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RICOH THETA X works great with Ethernet. See this video for more information. Out of the RICOH THETA lineup we tested, the THETA X is the only camera model that works reliably with Ethernet and the newest firmware from RICOH as of February 2022. Previously, the V worked with Ethernet, but firmware upgrades eventually caused […]


RICOH THETA X Introduction

RICOH THETA X has 11K image, internal GPS, color touchscreen