THETA X 8K Video for 25 Minutes

ricoh theta x 25 min video test

THETA X 8K Video for 25 Minutes

25 minute THETA X 8K video at 2fps
25 minute THETA X 8K video

THETA X 8K video ran for 25 minute with no problems at 2fps. This appears to be the normal behavior of the camera. This video format is widely used in the construction industry for video frame extraction and conversion to still image job site virtual inspection tours.

I didn’t need a fan or any special cooling. The camera was setting in my office on a monopod, which simulates walking around with a monopod at an indoor construction site. I also used a stopwatch to confirm the time in the video metadata.

I also confirmed the video was playable on the RICOH THETA desktop app (Basic app).

RICOH THETA Basic app playing 8K 2fps video for 25 minutes

The test used the battery only with Wi-Fi off. Using Wi-Fi or charging the battery will increase heat. Another option is to use an external USB power supply.

Uses for THETA X 8K Video

Construction sites often need high resolution 2fps video to capture a job site. The workflow is explained in the article 360 Camera For Construction: 80 Images in 10 Minutes.

A typical job site inspection tour might have hundreds or thousands of still images. This example was made with free open source software and took less than 60 seconds to take approximately 100 images, of which 80 where used in the tour.

80 image job site inspection tour simulating use in the construction industry

Heat Issues with 5.7K 30fps and 4K 60fps Video

At higher framerates, heat does become a problem. Although the camera did not get hot in my THETA X 8K video test, the 2fps framerate likely get the CPU heat down.

Specifications on RICOH’s THETA X site indicate that 5.7K/30fps and 4K/60fps video may have a maximum shooting time of 10 minutes at an ambient temperature of 25C.

*2 If the temperature in the camera rises, shooting will end automatically. The maximum shooting time for recording 5.7K/30 fps and 4K/60 fps videos is approx. 10 minutes (at an ambient temperature of 25°C) due to the temperature rise of the camera.

Tips to Reduce Heat

  • Turn off the TFT LCD panel.
  • Turn off Wi-Fi .
  • Do not charge the battery while taking the video. If you to take multiple videos and want to use a USB cable to maintain charge, consider removing the battery and powering the camera from the USB-C port only.
  • If the camera is already warm, shooting time will be reduced. Cool the camera body between videos.
  • If the camera is still overheating, use a fan on the camera body.

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