RICOH THETA enables the world's fastest workforce with the world's most popular 360 camera. Open APIs to rule your industry.

New RICOH THETA X Overview

World’s largest developer community for 360 camera application development for images, video, and streaming

image showing mobile app development - 360 Camera Application Development

Mobile App API

WebAPI is a simple HTTP API for mobile apps. Use it to control the camera by sending REST API commands.

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Control and power camera with a USB cable.

Linux Live Streaming

Build 360 live streaming mobile apps

RICOH THETA meetup covering 360 camera application development


Join thousands of developers working on 360 camera application development and building amazing apps that are changing how we interact with the world

360 image and video are the new normal for cars and buildings

RICOH THETA cameras are the most popular 360 camera for building construction, used car, and real estate. Superior image sensors, including the large 1″ sensor of the Z1 model, provide best-in-class image details, especially in low light conditions.


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