Community Thanks Award | Laszlo B. Varga

Laszlo B. Varga


Community contributions: Accessing log output for the wireless live streaming plug-in; Setting permissions for THETA X plug-in development (can’t use Vysor)

Laszlo is developing a mobile wireless streaming application for RICOH THETA that will allow people to better view museums and public spaces. His THETA plug-in is available on the RICOH THETA Plug-in Store. He has significantly improved the speed of the wireless mobile plug-in, which can stream live 360 video to an RTMP server like YouTube directly from THETA Z1. Setup is done through his site. He is currently improving his plug-in and has added the ability to access log output, which is turned off in plug-in development by default. He has also shown how to set permissions for THETA X plug-in development. X is different from Z1 and V because you can’t use Vysor to set permissions.