Linux Streaming


RICOH THETA Z1, X, and V models stream over a USB cable at 4K 30fps. The stream is H.264 in equirectangular. It is common to stream to a NVIDIA Jetson or x86 computer. There are many community examples with NVIDIA Jetpack, Ubuntu on x86, and ROS. The Raspberry Pi GPU cannot effectively process the 4K stream for display to a monitor, but people are using Raspberry Pi computers for transmission to another computer for display or processing. It is common to use OpenCV with the RICOH THETA stream.


Technical Tips


Community member nickel110 developed gstthetauvc as an alternative to theta-libuvc-sample and v4l2loopback. Using gstthetauvc, you can use Python with OpenCV on both x86 Linux and NVIDIA Jetson. Hardware acceleration works on both platforms.

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Long-Term Streaming

If you need to stream for 24 hours or more continuously, we recommend the RICOH THETA Z1. You should use a USB port or powered hub with Battery Charging 1.2 CDP support. The USB port should supply 1.5A plus data to the camera. The USB ports on the Jetson Nano, Raspberry Pi, and some x86 computers require a separate powered USB hub to stream indefinitely.

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Linux Live Streaming

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