Streaming Mac and Windows


Connect your RICOH THETA to your laptop with a USB cable and stream to Facebook or YouTube for live events. Open source software OBS can be used in addition to commercial software such as XSplit. RICOH THETA V, Z1, and X models stream at 4K 30fps with the output in equirectangular. The stream is already stitched and ready for use by YouTube and Facebook. Single channel audio is included in the stream. Developers can also display the stream in Unity applications for telepresence virtual experiences.


Technical Tips

Stream Multiple Cameras Simultaneously

Stream 3 or more cameras at the same time using a single OBS application. Switch between different camera views for the best audience experience.

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Stream for 24+ Hours

At 4K resolution, both heat and power consumption may become issues. The Z1 can stream for 24 hours without overheating. You can use 2K resolution to increase the stream length on other models. To keep the Z1 battery fully charged, you just use a USB port on your computer that delivers 1 Amp. Some USB ports are limited to 500mA. Inexpensive inline current meters can help with debugging problems.

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