Author: Jesse Casman

Set timeShift API for THETA X

Thank you to community member @mikhail for working with the API for timeShift mode for THETA X. And helping clarify how to implement it! In real estate, the new 11K image resolution for the RICOH THETA X is highly desirable. Real estate agents who are non-professional photographers can easily take exceptional 360° images. Anyone can

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How To Convert 360 Images To Video

There are multiple ways to convert 360 images to video. Many websites cannot display equirectangular images. By converting a 360 equirectangular image into a series of 2D images, they can be strung together into a video.  This image Can be converted into this video. One conversion tool example is the online converter.  You can

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SC2 WebAPI Differences

This is a community document based on contributions of informal test results from the independent community. This is not an official RICOH document. For official information, please contact RICOH. You should confirm these community tips with your own tests prior to deployment in a business setting. These are unofficial tips about the SC2 WebAPI.

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