How To Convert 360 Images To Video

How To Convert 360 Images To Video

There are multiple ways to convert 360 images to video. Many websites cannot display equirectangular images. By converting a 360 equirectangular image into a series of 2D images, they can be strung together into a video. 

This image

Can be converted into this video.

One conversion tool example is the online converter. 

You can choose three different video formats when you convert 360 images to video : .webm, .mp4, or .gif.

You can set basic settings like horizontal and vertical position, Field of View, Quality, Frame Rate and Frame Dimensions.

Here is a feature overview.

Main Features – Convert 360 images to video with a little extra

  • Filters
  • Watermark overlays
  • Sound
  • Bulk conversions
  • Sharing

Adding Filters

You can add filters to convert 360 images to video that is Black and White, Sepia, Bright, Pale or Vignette.

Add Watermark Overlays

Watermarks can be added. There are multiple settings. 

Position within the video. Angle of placement.

Text color, font, and font size.

Text labels can be added to your videos / tours. 

Add Sound When Converting Image to Video

You can add sound. This is limited to .mp4 videos. Developer states that adding custom sounds will be added in the future.

You can choose from 7 options:

Convert, Share, Make Friends!

There is a pulldown for popular sizes for social media sites.


A 360 image can be converted to a video. This can be used to make 360 more accessible, since video formats are supported widely in web browsers and mobile apps, but 360 viewers are not as common.

For the online converter, there is an API available with extended conversion capabilities. Integrate it with your platform and create videos like this one:

Further information on the online converter can be found in the developer community: 

Z1 specifications can be found here:

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