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Remove Pineapple Icon on Z1

The weird pineapple icon on the Z1 is the remote control icon. If you see this icon and want to get rid of it, you can turn it off from the plug-in menu on the body of the camera. Put Camera in Plug-in Mode Press and hold the mode button. This is the third button […]

Plugin Development X Z1

RICOH THETA Plug-in API Updated for THETA X

RICOH THETA X Plug-in API has been updated for the RICOH THETA X. We have a demo working with client mode network access, custom logo, and WebAPI commands using the internal HTTP server inside the camera that is accessible from the plug-in. Free RICOH THETA partner plug-in program Direct access to RICOH THETA plug-in […]

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RICOH THETA X works great with Ethernet. See this video for more information. Out of the RICOH THETA lineup we tested, the THETA X is the only camera model that works reliably with Ethernet and the newest firmware from RICOH as of February 2022. Previously, the V worked with Ethernet, but firmware upgrades eventually caused […]


THETA X API Documentation

RICOH updated the official documentation for the RICOH THETA X API. The WebAPI (Wi-Fi) is the most popular API and is the first documentation to be released. The documentation covers the Z1 and the V as well as older models. The updated documentation does not cover the SC2. We are still waiting for updated documentation […]

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8K Video for Developers

We tested the RICOH THETA 8K video at 10fps using the new X model. This mode is good for frame extraction for Google Streetview or industrial use such as documenting construction sites. The Web API documentation was recently updated for the X. fileformat now supports this video specification: {“type”: “mp4”,”width”: 7680,”height”: 3840, “_codec”: “H.264/MPEG-4 AVC”, […]

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RICOH THETA Live Streaming Driver Updated

RICOH announced a new RICOH THETA UVC driver for live streaming. New features include: video output in YUY2 format, allowing use with web browsers and Unity Multiple cameras connected to a PC simultaneously can now be detected RICOH indicates that the following models work: THETA X THETA Z1 THETA V This video covers how to […]


Testing Insecure HTTP Requests

When you connect to the RICOH THETA camera at, it is an insecure http request, not a https request. Your request may be blocked by the local OS. For example, iOS, Android and MacOS have http disabled by default. On Android, you need to enable http in the AndroidManifest.xml file. There may be additional […]


RICOH THETA Live Streaming

I recently received a question about live streaming RICOH THETA cameras. The camera models with live streaming capability are the V, Z1, and X. The SC2 cannot live stream over a USB cable. The SC2 is limited to live preview over Wi-Fi in MotionJPEG. In most cases, the SC2 is not suitable for streaming. The […]


How To Control THETA 360 Degree Camera Via C++ for Robotics

THETA 360 degree cameras can be used to prototype live streamed vision for computer vision and industrial robotics uses. Live streaming functionality is built into the camera for most THETA models, and using a 360 degree camera can simplify traditional pan and tilt mechanisms that require multiple cameras and mechanical movement to adjust the cameras’ […]


Adding a 360 Camera to Remote Sewer Inspection Drones

Remote sewer inspection is a key technology in smart and not-so-smart cities. Hugues Perret runs a company, FOX SEWER ROVER, that builds robots that explore the inside of dark sewage pipes under the streets of France. He utilizes a 360 camera on his sewer drones to make sure inspectors can look in all directions. His […]