RICOH THETA Live Streaming Driver Updated

RICOH THETA Live Streaming Driver Updated

RICOH announced a new RICOH THETA UVC driver for live streaming.

New features include:

  • video output in YUY2 format, allowing use with web browsers and Unity
  • Multiple cameras connected to a PC simultaneously can now be detected

RICOH indicates that the following models work:

  • THETA Z1

This video covers how to set up the THETA V, THETA Z1, and THETA X with live streaming on OBS.

4K Live Streaming

The RICOH THETA works great at 4K live streaming.

Dual-Camera Setup

With RICOH THETA UVC selected, click on Configure Video

Select appropriate physical camera from list.

Add second camera as a second source.

Select video capture device.

create new source for 2nd camera.

Select RICOH THETA UVC from list.

At this point, do not select RICOH THETA Z1 or RICOH THETA X. Select RICOH THETA UVC.

Select configure video.

Select Z1 as the second camera.

Triple Camera Setup

Streaming three cameras simultaneously works great.

I only have three cameras and was not able to test more than three, but it may work with four or more cameras.

Change Color Format Between NV12 and YUY12

The new driver now supports changing the color format between NV12 and YUY12. Use NV12 if your application supports it. Converting from YUY2 will consume more CPU and power.

Additional Application Tests

Tests were successful with Microsoft Teams web, Google Meet web, Zoom web, VLC desktop, webRTC, and Unity desktop.

Microsoft Teams

In Web Browser

Google Meet in Web Browser

Zoom in Web Browser

WebRTC in Web Browser


VLC on Windows Desktop

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