RICOH THETA Force Shutdown and Settings Reset

RICOH THETA Force Shutdown and Settings Reset

Sometimes the RICOH THETA camera will get stuck. This may happen during development.

If there is a stuck plug-in running inside the camera or a WebAPI command causes the camera to become unresponsive, you should first try a shutdown.

Normal Shutdown

Button: Power button only for around 8 seconds

Force Shutdown

In these cases, you can try force shutdown by holding down both the power button and Wi-Fi button simultaneously.

Buttons: Power + WiFi for 8 seconds

If you are having network problems, you can try a Wi-Fi reset.

Wi-Fi Reset

Buttons: Wi-Fi and mode for 8 seconds

Settings Reset

With the camera connected to the computer with Wi-Fi, you have many different options.

Using THETA Specialized Testing Tool

You can get a testing tool from the link below.

This uses the camera.reset API command.

Using Generic HTTP Testing Tool Like Insomnia or Postman



Using CURL


curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d "{'name': 'camera.reset'}"



Reconnect To Wi-Fi

After resetting the camera, you will need to turn on camera Wi-Fi and reconnect from your computer to the camera.

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  1. Do you lose any data or settings with a Force Shutdown? In my experience, no. But I’m curious if anyone has had issues.

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