THETA Plugin Logs

THETA Plugin Logs

THETA plugin logs can be enabled to help with development of RICOH THETA Plug-ins. Plug-ins can be developed for V, Z1, and X models. The camera must be in developer mode.

THETA plugin logs can be set with the Android Debug Bridge or adb. This tool is part of Android Studio. More information on plugin development is available in the RICOH THETA developer community.

Thanks to Laszlo B.Varga for the tip below.

Enable log

adb shell setprop persist.log.tag 0

Disable log

adb shell setprop persist.log.tag stop

Models Capable of THETA Plugin Logs

The RICOH THETA V, and Z1 run a version of the Android. Refer to article RICOH THETA Z1 technical specifications for more information on the Qualcomm Technologies APQ8053 hardware in the Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 chipset, MSM8953_64.

Additional Tools

Vysor is a great tool for RICOH THETA plugin development.

Android Studio is useful for plugin development.

Android Studio has a Debug console with THETA Plugin Logs


The official RICOH THETA Plug-in API reference.

You can get started quickly using the RICOH THETA Plug-in SDK on GitHub.

Alternatives to THETA Plugin Development

You can also develop applications using the RICOH THETA USB API or the RICOH THETA WebAPI. There is even a Bluetooth API.

The WebAPI is the most common as it is used for mobile app development. In this scenario, the camera functions as a hotspot and the mobile phone connects to the camera. The V, X, and Z1 models also have client mode access which allows the camera to connect directly to a router in your home or office.

The USB API is becoming increasingly popular with small board computers that sit under the RICOH THETA Z1.

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