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Live Stream RICOH THETA X on Ubuntu 22.04

I recently upgraded to Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy Jellyfish and successfully tested the RICOH THETA X live streaming capability with both Wayland and X11. I’m running the newest firmware for the THETA X, version 1.10.1. I’m running libuvc-theta and libuvc-theta-sample. nvidia driver 510.60 nvidia-smiMon May 9 15:24:06 2022±—————————————————————————-+| NVIDIA-SMI 510.60.02 Driver Version: 510.60.02 CUDA Version: 11.6

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RICOH THETA Live Streaming

I recently received a question about live streaming RICOH THETA cameras. The camera models with live streaming capability are the V, Z1, and X. The SC2 cannot live stream over a USB cable. The SC2 is limited to live preview over Wi-Fi in MotionJPEG. In most cases, the SC2 is not suitable for streaming. The

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