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RICOH THETA Z1 Technical Specifications

RICOH THETA Z1 51GB / RICOH THETA Z1 1″ image sensor Qualcomm Snapdragon 625, MSM8953_64 Android OS 7.1.2 Supported APIs Web API v2.1 RICOH THETA Plug-in API Note that the WebAPI can be accessed from inside of the plug-in in addition to the Android Camera API. RICOH THETA BLE API (Bluetooth) CPU and Snapdragon 625 Specifications ARM

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The RICOH THETA USB API enables the use desktop computers or small computers under the THETA. The camera can be powered can controlled with a USB cable. Many companies use the 360 images to keep track of the status of building construction. Using custom software in the device can dramatically reduce the time required for

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Photogrammetry with RICOH THETA and 360° Images

hotogrammetry is the process of converting RICOH THETA images into 3D models. The models are then used for analysis. To illustrate what photogrammetry is, let’s first look at the open source Meshroom software. After installing meshroom, The easiest technique is to slice the RICOH THETA image into flat 2D images. You can then use a point cloud

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