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THETA X Firmware 1.40.0 (released December 20, 2022)

  • camera.listFiles details works as expected. See this video at 4:53
  • static IP assignment in client mode works. See this article.
  • Fingerprint ID changes when camera state changes, per documentation. See this article.

THETA X WebAPI Issues in Firmware 1.30.0 (released Oct 4, 2022)

IssueMore InfoStatus
static IP assignment not working in client modecommunitycommunity will check again in next firmware. Fixed in firmware 1.40.0 community tests
fingerprint ID not changing on battery state, battery level, take picture buttoncommunitycommunity will check again in next firmware. Fixed in firmware 1.40.0 community tests
camera.listFiles details requires startPositioncommunityI believe the problem still exists in firmware 1.30.0. Need to check. There’s a workaround, so you just need to check for the camera mode and use startPosition or use startPosition for all models.
Fixed in firmware 1.40.0 community tests
community tests with THETA X firmware 1.30.0

Official API Reference Document from RICOH

Official RICOH iOS and Android SDKs

Uses the WebAPI.

THETA X Live Streaming to Linux Using USB Cable

THETA X Plug-in Starter Examples and Libraries

The plug-in in the THETA X can access the RICOH THETA WebAPI or the Camera API, based on the Android Camera API (deprecated, but it still works).

If you use the CameraAPI, you need to import the plugin-library for camera features specific to the THETA X.

import theta360.hardware.Camera

To set permissions settings on the plug-in, you may need to call up the settings screen with this command.

adb shell am start -a android.settings.SETTINGS

Using Vysor, you can enable the permissions.

THETA X plug-in permissions

THETA X Wireless Live Streaming Plug-in Example

THETA X Plug-in Development Tips

THETA X WebAPI Development Tips

Sample Images Inside of TH-3 Case

TH-3 case offers increased camera protection with reduced image quality and increased glare.

undercarriage of used car. Original picture linked above. camera is in TH-3 case
THETA X under car inside of TH-3 case. not using HDR. Dust on case.
Under vehicle inspection check using TH-3 case. Dust on case

Upcoming Tests

  • Image Metadata: Verify HDR in JPG pictures: exiftool analysis of MakerNote -> ReceptorIFD -> 0x0002 -> SphereHDR
  • Heat: remove battery, turn off LCD, reduce framerate on LCD if you need the LCD


Example THETA X plug-in with open source code available


Example THETA X plug-ins without source code

Route Shooting BETA

Outside-in Shooting BETA

There is a pre-installed plug-in called VSLAM. You can access the VSLAM service using the sample app above as a reference.