The Oppkey THETA API Test Kit (ATK) is an internal test kit that Oppkey uses to test RICOH THETA cameras. This is a command line tool and mobile app demonstrations of the API built in Flutter.

Oppkey is a developer relations firm in Silicon Valley under contract with RICOH to help businesses build solutions for RICOH THETA camera.

After helping dozens of companies deploy thousands of RICOH THETA cameras in products for used car, real estate, and construction markets, we’ve built up common tests based on questions from businesses about the camera behavior. RICOH considers these companies partners and relies on Oppkey to support high-quality developer relations services.

The Oppkey THETA API Test Kit (ATK) are the tools we use internally to test camera behavior such as delay between commands, configuring multiple camera settings in sequence, status checks at the end of bracket or interval shooting, thumbnail requests, and live preview (motionJPEG) management.

We get more questions from RICOH partners every week and update this API Test Kit regularly in order to help more people in the future.

Feel free to use these tools yourself to experiment with the camera, build a prototype or replicate the results of our tests.